Managed HR Services

There are many reasons why an integrated HR solutions provider is most sought after by progressive organisations today, Primary among them is the fact that a strategic HR consulting company like Stratandops becomes a partner which totally understands the functional and process complexities, and works around them to accomplish the HR objectives. An integrated HR provider is also able to smooth out the inconsistencies and issues that may arise from outsourcing of the HR functions to multiple vendors.

It is moreover proven that a HR entity that can offer business oversight and core HR capabilities can positively impact the employee engagement and productivity levels of any organisation with the true intent to leverage their Human Capital. Managed HR Services, from Stratandops offers you the HR expertise to help you strategize, plan, execute and continuously nurture employee engagement levels and sound business oriented processes, leading to sustainable growth.

The adjoining illustration will give you an idea of the functional areas covered by us as part of our Managed HR services offering.

Essentially, we empower you to focus on building and growing your business while we ensure that your Human Capital is optimally leveraged. From providing strategic HR leadership to complete ownership of the employee lifecycle, we help you augment your process efficiencies and employee engagement levels with higher returns on your HR investments.

The Stratandops advantage

  • Consistent, continuous & comprehensive HR coverage.
  • Creating business aligned HR processes.
  • Need based flexible staffing.
  • Higher process efficiency & SLA driven delivery.
  • Higher ROI on HR operations.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement.
  • Improvement in Talent Retention.
  • Empowering the 'Employer of Choice' image.

Our engagement models

Considering the differing needs and objectives of organizations, we offer a high degree of flexibility when it comes to establishing the service mandate and the structure to deliver it. There are no preconditions for engaging with us except your faith in the unfathomable potential of your Human Capital. We offer multiple engagement models to structure your teams for seamless transitions and flawless deliveries. A sample of which is offered below: