Coaching Practice Implementation

A managers' role is no longer just limited to managing projects, teams and operational issues. In the new business paradigm, they are also expected to be effective people coaches.

The feasible way for organisations here is to provide managers with powerful tools & methodologies that transform them into effective behavioral & life coaches. Such an exercise will need to take into account the following factors before actually taking off the ground:

  • Maintaining the organizational context
  • Ensuring scalability
  • Minimizing the cost impact
  • Maximizing results & return on investment

The Stratandops advantage

Through our tie-up with The People Academy Inc., we bring you the PEOPLE Model™ , offering you and your manager force unlimited access to a comprehensive library of online tutorials that cover a wide range of topics and issues that your employees may need assistance on.

Topics include Assertive Behaviors, Imposed and Planned Change, Comfort Zones, Habits/Attitudes/Beliefs, Feedback, Have to/Want to, Self Esteem, Mind Mapping, Visualization, and many more. These online tutorials are supported by comprehensive downloadable collaterals and exercises that support coaching skills. With Stratandops and the PEOPLE Model™ to their support, your managers can be prepared for any contingency related to people management.

Following are the key aspects of the offering.

  • Extremely quick turnaround and implementation.
  • 24/7 online access to well researched ready to use reference material on coaching methodology and a variety of behavioral & business aspects.
  • Bulletins and latest updates.
  • Workshop for the managers on coaching skills.
  • Continued support in dealing with real life issues.
  • All this and more at an extremely affordable cost.

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