Cogenerative Actuation for Team Alignment and Productive Unification of Leadership Team.

Even though most global organisations have equal access to resources, some consistently perform better than their peers. The answer of course, lies in the DNA of the leadership team.

We are all aware of the seasonal migration that birds undertake, sometimes across continents. They migrate in flocks, flying in tandem for hundreds of miles in the characteristic V-formation. A formation born of natural instinct, saving them energy and thus enabling them to soar across the skies without losing the momentum.

We have used this simple yet powerful concept from nature and turned it into a success formula for organizations like yours. We call this 'The Synergy and Succeed-ability Quotient'. The Synergy and Succeed-ability Quotient (SSQ) for a team is the sum of Team Comprehensiveness, Team Efficacy and Team Relatability. Stratandops proudly presents CATAPULT - a one of its kind comprehensive intervention program that measures and enhances the SSQ of your organizational, functional or project leadership teams. The SSQ of a leadership team is assessed using globally renowned tools. With the aid of an effective facilitation process, CATAPULT brings various issues regarding the SSQ to the fore and assists the team to effectively deal with them using Stratandops proprietary methodologies.

Working closely with the target teams, we conceptualise effective action plans and provide in-house support for CATAPULT certification. CATAPULT is not a leadership training program, assessment center or an outbound learning intervention. It is an exciting journey of self-awareness and team discovery.