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Compensation survey has positioned itself as a regular feature in most competitive organizations across the globe to maintain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent. Most companies with formal salary range structures review their compensation structures on periodic intervals.This may range from once every year to once every two or three years. Annually, while few companies review salary ranges every two or three years. However, compensation surveys are complex, time consuming and expensive. The results are still worthy of skepticism. At the end of two to three long tiring months and a HUGE expense, you may still be left wondering:

  • Did you get to choose the right comparators or was it a compromise?
  • Were the roles matched accurately?
  • Were there variations in job descriptions?
  • Did the comparators provided correct data?
  • Was the data collated and analyzed accurately?
It’s no wonder that a traditional compensation survey is a nightmare for most.
Presenting AccuRange - The Stratandops Global Salary Calculator.
Without once having to leave the comfort of your desk, you can now create an accurate salary range for any position in your organization. In 4 easy steps.
AccuRange uses Zero base scientific compensation principles and Job evaluation methodologies to provide you with accurate salary range at a fraction of the cost of a traditional salary survey. It works well across all countries, industries and job families.
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