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Our Logo



The inspiration behind our logo is an interesting anecdote quoting the shortest telegram in the world, attributed to both Oscar Wilde and Victor Hugo. The author cabled his publisher, asking about sales of a new novel


The publisher exuberantly replied


While that might have summed up the answer to the author's question, most of us still associate the symbol with inquisitiveness, discovery, or an extreme expression of personal feelings. Carrying this thought forward, the symbol and by extension, the logo, symbolises an end to a customer's quest for the holy grail of leveraging Human Capital.

The Tricolour

The saffron colour denotes renunciation or neutrality. Stratandops consultants are leaders who are fully dedicated to the professional goals. The white in the background symbolises light, the path of courage, truth & fairness to guide our conduct. The green offers prosperity and hope to clients and all stakeholders. Together the tricolour symbolises our relationship to our motherland. Stratandops remains proud about its Indian lineage while striving to be a truly global consulting company.

The Company and its Name

The name Stratandops stands for 'Strategy' and 'Operations'. There are a host of consulting companies who offer strategic advice but tend to stay away from the implementation of the designed strategy. Stratandops fills that gap and offers the much sought after combination of business understanding, business acumen, HR expertise and implementation capabilities. Stratandops differs from the overcrowded consultant market by not only offering end to end HR consulting services, creating effective HR strategies but also partnering clients in implementing them.