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Who Are We

Consulting is perhaps one of the most misinterpreted and misrepresented terms in the corporate world, maybe next only to 'Human Resources', which as a corporate function remains largely perceived as the 'hiring & firing' department. We at Stratandops are out to set this record straight.

Stratandops is a strategic HR consulting company offering comprehensive value based solutions in all areas of the HR and employee lifecycle. We believe that success is not a matter of coincidence, instead can be achieved only through a careful leverage of the most sustainable enterprise resource - The Human Resource. Stratandops helps its customer organizations achieve their enterprise bottomlines by helping them leverage their 'Human Capital' through time tested, customized HR practices and frameworks. Offering an industry ready combination of business understanding, HR expertise and implementation capabilities, Stratandops differs from the overcrowded consultant market by not only offering effective HR strategies, but also partnering clients in implementing them.

Our beliefs and values

  • A core business HR consulting firm
  • Comprehensive business perspective
  • Deep functional understanding
  • A metrics driven systems approach
  • A single window strategy to operations

Snapshot of Client Engagements

Our client engagements, spanning industry verticals and service offerings, cover the gamut of the HR and employee lifecycle.

  • Designed end to end HR systems for a 2000 employee enterprise in the hospitality industry
  • Setting up a Corporate University for an 8000 employee IT MNC
  • Managing HR function for enterprises in the IT and Online Marketing Space
  • Designed performance and compensation management system for a major player in the Analytics industry
  • Delivered a cross-cultural sensitization intervention for an enterprise in digital signal processing space, and
  • CATAPULT intervention for the leadership team of USD 2 billion enterprise in the Oil & Gas industry and many others